Cant decide on a motherboard

I'm slowly accumulating parts for a decent gaming rig. Here is what I have purchased so far.

Case Cooler Master HAF 932
Power supply Ultra x4 750 Watt
monitor ASUS VH236H 23" Widescreen Full HD LCD Monitor - 1080p, 1920x1080, 20000 :1 Dynamic, 2ms, DVI, HDMI
DVD/DVR HP BD240I Blu Ray Combo Drive - Reads 8x BD, BD-ROM, BD-R/RE, 4x BD DL, Writes 16x DVD+/-R, 8x DVD+/-R DL, 8x DVDRW, 12x
Heat sink Cooler Master V8 CPU Fan - Socket 1366/775/AM2/AM2+,1156, AM3 120mm Fan, Modular Aluminum Fins(3.35 lbs)
Hard Drive Western Digital WD1001FALS Caviar Black Hard Drive - 1TB, 7200 RPM, 32MB, SATA-300

Here is what I am planning for the complete rig.

Mother board ASUS P6X58D Premium Motherboard - LGA 1366, Intel X58, SATA, SLI Ready, CrossFireX Ready, Triple Channel DDR3 support, RAID, Hyperthreading, USB 3.0, SATA 6Gb/s
RAM Corsair Core i7 Dominator 6GB PC12800 DDR3 RAM - Tri Channel, 1600MHz, 6144MB (3 x 2048MB), DHX
CPU Intel Core i7 950 Processor BX80601950 - 3.06GHz, 8MB L3 Cache, 4.8GT/s QPI, HyperThreading, Quad Core, Bloomfield, LGA 1366,
Video Card EVGA 012-P3-1472-AR GeForce GTX 470 (Fermi) SuperClocked Video Card - 1280MB GDDR5, PCI-Express 2.0, Dual DVI, HDMI, SLI,

But, I have been going back and forth on the motherboard. I don't mind dropping the $300 on the ASUS p6x58d premium, but the thing that was so good about it is that it has sata 6 and usb 3 (in addition to the general quality of it), thereby being "futureproof". But those technologies are not really relavent at the moment. I'm not so concerned with the future proof issue because the reason I'm building a PC is to be able to continually upgrade it. So in 3 years, if USB3 and Sata 6 become commonplace, I can upgrade to that tech at that point. I guess my question is this: Is there a very high end, high quality motherboard that does not have USB3 and Sata 6 built in? If I can get a great board for considerable less money because it doesnt have those 2 features then I'll do it. But, if I'm going to pay $250 or more, I mat as well spend the $300.

I've been shopping at Newegg and tigerdirect, and have seen so many boards, that I'm on overload and cant make up my mind. The Sabertooth and Rampage look cool, but would love some idea from you all. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I would go with the P6X58D-E... Pretty much the same board as the Premium without the second LAN. It is a little better than the SABERTOOTH (IMO) for little more money. It gives you the best of both... Cost to performance :)
  2. yey rampage! but are talking about the extreme version or the formula version? O-o
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