HDD not formated

The disk in drive e: is not formatted... Do you want to format now?
It is an external HDD from WD, I have All my important info on it please help
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  1. Open the external drive, remove the HDD and install in a desktop. See what Windows can find / recover
  2. http://download.cnet.com/Recuva/3000-2242_4-10753287.html

    This link is for a free software that will recover files from a formatted drive. You have to understand what a format of a drive is and a format does not erase files , what it does is it lets Windows write over the sectors that have data on them. In normal conditions Windows cannot do that but a format allows it to do just that. So in effect with a format the data is still there and this software will recover it for you. I have used this myself when I accidently formatted the wrong drive and now all of the files that I had on the drive are back.
    So if you have to format the drive to be able to accdess it at least you will know you can recover those files.
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