How much of a bottleneck is this?


I just bought a sapphire radeon 5770 1gb vapor-x ; I would like to play Crysis and I realize the rest of my system will probably be choking my gaming performance, but by how much?? I guess I just don't have much of a grasp on the capabilities of my system. What kind of fps can I expect from this rig??

Thanks a ton for you comments.

My current system specs are:

22" widescreen LCD (1920x1050 max res)
AMD Phenom 8650 (Triple Core)
2 gb ddr2 800mhz (Dual channel kit)
Biostar TA780G M2+
80GB 7200rpm sataII(U300)- 8mb cache harddrive
windows xp
Corsair 450w psu
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    Your cpu dose look like it will bottleneck the 5770 but not that much I think. the 3rd core will come in handy with games that are able to use it. Have you looked into overclocking it?

    if you can overclock to around 2.8ghz you will be in the clear.
  2. thanks for the reply.
    Of what I have read so far, it seems the phenom 8650 does not overclock well, but I might try it anyways. My mobo has some pre-configured options for oc'ing so I might try that.

    p.s the link you provided was for Phenom II cpus. I have a Phenom I
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