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Good Evening......I have an Optiplex 320 and for several years it has performed very satisfactorily. A couple of days ago I closed down the computer or thought I had and went to bed......Next morning I sat down to start up the 320 and noticed the blinking amber light located behind the on/off button. I have tried to shut it down by holding down the button for several seconds, unpluging the 320, to no avail. I have downloaded the users manuel and quick reference manuel, gave them a whirl, called Dell and nice lady tried to help me but basically said I would need to go to a computer fix it place.........I live on a ranch about 50 miles from the nearest town and was hoping to find a solution in between lambs .......we have a sheep farm and I really can't leave for a couple of weeks when the 'lambing' is any suggestion......could the on/off switch go bad? .................

Charlie ..... The Sheepherder......
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  1. You might have broken the power button. Open her up and take a look at it, no harm, just be carefull. If your machine won't shutdown after you hold the power button for 7seconds then it sounds like a faulty power switch. Should be cheap to replace, just DON'T buy direct from Dell, charge you an arm and a leg, try eBay.
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