CPU-Z show 6144MB ram windows 7 show 4 00 gb

Hello, I have windows 7 64bit. Asus P6T Deluxe V2
Crusial Ballistix DDR3 (3x2 2gb)
1600 MHz ( PC3-12800 )

In BIOS :4088 MB ram
In Win :4,00 GB ram
In CPU-z:6144 MB ram
On the ram kit it is fitted some kind of heat-sink with LEDs witch I assume indicate that they are "working/thinking". DIMM_A1 & A2 seems to doinf their thing, C1 is "frozen" (the LEDs)..
Any suggestions??
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  1. best bet would be chek the socket for bent pins
    reseat the CPU could help
  2. Run memtest86+. If you get any errors, run it using only one stick at a time. I bet you will find a defective stick.
    If, by chance they all test out well, test a known good stick in each slot to test for a bad slot.
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