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I am very much interested in purchasing an SSD for my MacBook Pro and Desktop PC. However, I decided that is might be a better investment to just get one SSD (for the laptop) instead of two SSDs. Does it make more sense to

A:Get a 120GB SSD and a "data doubler" kit (when you swap the optical drive and mount the HDD to use SSD for boot) from OWC for about $240 + the optical drive enclosure for about $70. ($310 total)

B: Get a 256GB Crucial M4 and no data doubler (about $330)

C: Get two 120GB SSDs (one for laptop (as only drive) and desktop (as boot drive). ($380 for both)

D: Other option...

I know I could probably get away with a 60GB SSD for boot, but it seems like I would be cutting it close.
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    A 60gb SSD for the boot drive is cutting it close , you can do it but it takes a lot of monitoring of your loaded progams and or games to make sure that everything non-essential goes onto the second drive. As the only drive it is not feaseable and you would be out of space in no time.
    Option D , get a 60gb and the data doubler for the laptop and the 60gb SSD for the desktop. Then you would have to diable hibernation and move the page file to the second drive and only load Windows on the SSD's and whatever you install on either computer goes to the second drive.
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