Incorrect DRAM frequency !!!

Hello guys, i am first in this forum, so i have to ask you something about my dram frequency.
-I bought a new desktop pc ASRock with these specs:

mobo: ASRock G41 Express Chipset
cpu: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo E7300 2.66@GHz / L2 Cache 3mb / 1066@mhz fsb,
ram: E-DATA 2GB DDR3 10700 1333@MHz
gpu: nVidia GeForce 9600GT GDDR3 512mb (GALAXY)
hdd: 250GB Hitachi SATA 2
os: Windows 7 Home Premium 32BIT

so my question is why the speed of dram frequency it show in bios only DDR3_800@mhz, is not supposed to be dram frequency 1333@mhz ? , but anyway when i check DRAM FREQUENCY in the bios, i got two options: Automatic and Manual + two values: DDR3_400 (800) and DDR3_533(1066),so if i set manualy to DDR3_533(1066mhz) does this make any problem ? and sure voltage is about v.1.60
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  1. It would seem that your board cannot run the RAM at 1333MHz. This is understandable as the CPU has a FSB of 1066 which should be the max speed of your ram. So set it to the 1066 ram setting to run at 1066MHz but you won't be running at 1333MHz unles you OC.

    Hope that clears something up.
  2. I think Wolygon is right . This is a limitation of the BIOS

    But there might be a "fix" that will leave you smiling

    Set the FSB to 333 [ 1333 MHz ] . The e7300 will instantly leap to 3.33 GHz , and will almost certainly be stable with no extra voltage . It will also benchmark slightly higher than an e8400 . Make sure your cooler is working though because it will run a little hotter .

    After that your RAM will be at 1333 MHz too
  3. sir finally i got DRAM Frequency to 533_1066@MHz without any problem, so then i overclocked cpu from 2.66@ghz fsb (266) - > 2.80@ghz fsb (280), is OK but when i try to overclock to 3.33@ghz fsb (333), with ASRock overclocking tool,desktop it freezing and i must restart my pc, because i must try to overclock with software first, to see if it overclock successfully and then i gonna overclock from the bios right? , so why i can't overclock to 333 - > 1333@MHz FSB !!!
    and sorry for my english i from Macedonia.
  4. I did not think you would get to 3.33GHz without a voltage increase.

    When something is not stable at higher clocks you need to change voltages. If you want to do this read a guide as it is a little involved.

    Also there is no pro to software OCing, it is bad. What you said about checking if the OC is successful with software only is dumb. When you OC with the BIOS you try start up then if its too high you might not. If you do start up you then test the system with Prime 95 which MAXs the CPU. You need to do this also with Software OCing which is why your not ready.
  5. The next problem (and I have written about this elsewhere) is that the G41 is an economy chipset. It has an upper FSB freq limit of about 350 MHz.
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