Bout Time To Upgrade.... Umpteenth Revision

This Will Likely Be My Final Revision (But I Cant Promise Anything, LOL) My Current Specs Are In My Sig. I WILL Be OVERCLOCKING, But Only To The Highest OC With The Lowest Voltage Bump Possible.

Just To Point Out; I Am Not And AMD Fanboy. Yes Intel Is Faster.... But Thats IF You Wana Spend MORE $$, But I Liike AMD Because It Is Pleanty Powerfull In Accordance With Value Per $$. Comments, Ideas, Suggestions, And CONSTRUCTIVE Critisism Are Welcome, But Please No Intel Fanboyism (Not That I Am Pointing Any Fingers) Thank You.

Please Excuse My Typing Style I Have OCD.

The Components I Will Be Reusing
Power Supply; Corsair 850Watt 80Plus Certified, Active PFC

Motherboard; Biostar MCP6P M2+ Nforce4 Chipset, DDR2, Socket AM2+ (Is Phenom II And Athlon II Ready With BIOS Update, Will Work Without But Will Not Recognise CPU Type And Im Fine With That)


Graphics Card; XFX Nvidia Geforce 9600GSO 768MB (96SPUs) PCI-E. (This Will Get Replaced When A "Fermi" "GT450" Or Eqivulent Is Released)

Sound Card; Soundblaster Audigy Classic 24-Bit PCI

Optical; LG 22x DVD-Burner

Storage; 500GB Western Digital Caviar Green (Will Be Come My Secondary Audio/Video/Archival Storage)

HSF; Zalman CNPS9500

OS; Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit

Display(s); Dell 20" 2001FP, S-IPS, 16ms AND Sanyo 19" LCD HDTV Monitor, TN+Film, 8ms

Mouse And Keyboard

The New Components

Im Just Gonna Call This An "Accessory";



Note; With The "Accessory" Listed Above The SDD And The HDD Will Form The Boot And Application Drive (Windows 7 Pro Edition)

Case; Modded And Painted Mac G5 Aluminum Case (No, I Dislike Apple, I Just Like The Case)

Thanks Guys :)
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  1. I don't know about them but my gigabyte motherboard with that same chipset (which is in my secondary computer) and it says this when you were to use something like that.

    "(Note) If you install AMD AM2+ CPU on AM2 motherbord, the system bus speed will downgrade from HT3.0(5200 MT/s) to HT1.0(2000 MT/s) spec; however, the frequency of AM2+ CPU will not be impacted."

    So I'm betting that there's that same limit on your motherboard even though it doesn't say it on your motherboard's product page the way gigabyte does. So you may want to ask.

    Personally if you want to use that RAM anyway, I'd get a 770 or higher AMD chipset and sell that motherboard + CPU on ebay, you'd definately get more than enough to pay for the motherboard that you'd be buying because of it. Now it's also possible that it doesn't happen on yours and probably isn't that big of a deal anyway, that's just what I'd do.

    Other than that I'd personally just get a Samsung F3 instead of that VelociRaptor, because the WD drive is just so much more and it's not like the F3's are slow.
  2. Thats A True, But The Slowing Of The HT Isnt A Big Deal To Me Considering It Makes Very Very Little (If Any) Real World Performance. And The Fact That My Next Board Will Be DDR3, But Im Waiting To See What The Future Holds In AMD Chips Before I Switch To DDR3, By The Time My Machine Gets Far Enough "Behind Times" To Consider Fully Updating It Will Likely Be Something Beyond Socket AM3 Anyway.

    The Hard Drive Idea You Posted However May Be A Good Idea, Ill Check That Out
    FYI; Ive Also Condered The WD Black Edition. (Im Very Partial To WD Brand Drives)

    The Black Edition Actually Outruns The Raptor In ALL Things EXCEPT Random Access Time.
    (As Far As Ive Heard Anyway)
  3. I used to buy only WD drives as well myself, since they have never done anything bad to me. (indeed the only one that's failed on me was an ancient 20 gig drive that died last year)

    But since this line of samsung drives have come out they are so good that I've added them to my list.
  4. Yeah They Say The Samsung Drives Are Nice, I Might Want To Mention That For Reasons I Dont Want My Boot (OS/Apps) Drive To Be Bigger Than My Secondary Witch Will Be The WD Green, Im Looking For The Absolute Fastest Drive For My $$.

    The Reason I Am So Partial To WD Is Because Of A Few Reasons, For One They Are One Of The First Hard Drive Makes With The Exception Of Seagate But Every Seagate Drive Ive Ever Owned Has Failed On Me And As Far As I Can Tell Are American Made And Finnaly Are A Progressive Company When It Comes To Unique Products.
  5. Ah, I didn;t know you had another one already. Though there is the F3 500 gigabyte one.

    They just did a benchmark of it on this very site (well the 1 TB version they allready did the .5 TB version) and it should show you the relative speeds of the newest ones.

    Even the largest velociraptor isn't all that huge for the purposes of putting games too on it.

    But it's not like it's a bad drive, just that it's $230 or somehting and the .5 TB F3 is like $55

    Edit: and I'm sure there are WD drives that come closeish for like $10-20 more.
  6. I Would Agree, Ill Look Into That
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