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i played around with Speedfan to try and change my fan settings, and i did everything according to the manuals, but obviously i did something wrong, because now my Chassis fan that used to be at 2256 RPM is only at 1133 RPM and the MB temp gets to 56 degrees (celcius). i dont know how to set it back! i even uninstalled speedfan but it didn't help!

what should i do?
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  1. Start your pc and go into the BIOS. Check the fan settings. You can usually find the settings in the BIOS power management section.

    I've got an Asus motherboard. The BIOS lists three fan "modes" that I can select. I also have the option of disabling fan power management and letting fans run full speed.
  2. yeah i also have Asus, but it looks like i cant really change the fan speeds, the option is either keep them at their current rpm or ignore them or change between "optimal", "performance" or "silent"

  3. OK! Just above the fan setting there should be a setting that lets you enable and disable power management. If you choose disable that will allow the fan to run at full speed. When power management is disabled you will no longer be able to choose the fan modes. At least that's how mine works.
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