What was your best ever CPU overclock?

I was just wondering about you guys. Ever since I knew how to set dip switches (remember those horrid things!?) I was trying to overclock. I remember each system I had as a main rig and even how far I pushed them.

My highschool gave me a bunch of 486DX4 100Mhz machines back in the day, none were my main rig as I had a P3-450 at that time. However with some modding, old heatsinks from old parts and a few fried CPU's I actually got one of the DX4's to run at 125mhz! That was a golden 25mhz clock increase. I did a lot of playing with those old Socket3/7 chips from back in the day.

However, my first real "built" rig was a P3@450Mhz Katmai with the 600mhz cache! I ran that at 632Mhz for YEARS on an old 440bx chipset. Remember those? They were meant for 100Mhz but they loved to clock to 133+ I had an old Soyo Dragon 440BX and the stock cooler custom modified for 2x40mm fans with 2x20mm fans on the side causing a wind tunnel on that thing. I ran temps in the 80C range at full load back then. That was the best overclock on a stock cooler (though it was modified and slot 1 coolers sucked anyways). I only had a minor voltage add to that processor and boy was it a screamer in it's day.

I had a P3 700mhz coppermine in that same board! However, when I pushed that thing past 133mhz FSB it wouldn't be stable no matter what I did with it. Never did break that 1Ghz barrier with that CPU.

I had an Athlon XP 1700+; you know they were stock at 1.46Ghz but boy did they rip the P4@2Ghz a new one. I managed to get that baby to post at 2Ghz on air cooling but never got anything stable over 1.8Ghz for the long haul on my giant purple heatsink. I think it was a deepcool or something from back in the day.

Then of course I had my athlon 4800+ I believe? It wouldn't clock for ****... I had it bolted to an MSI motherboard and nothing seemed stable on that thing! So I went and took to intel again and built my system with an E2200 while I waited on the release of the E8400 wolfdale. That processor SUCKED! It was a dang frying pan on the stock cooler, but I had the majority of my parts.

I got that E8400 and paired it with a GeminII and a pair of FM121 silverstones which cooled the entire system... 220CFM at max RPM gets loud! I did run that chip at 4Ghz for a hot minute. That was my proud achievement of 2008!

Now, I have this system. Just last night I got her stable at 4.7Ghz at 1.325v and ran some IBT. No errors but I had temps in the mid to high 70's on my Hyper212+. So I backed it back down to 4.4Ghz and love it! That is my best though as going from 3.4Ghz to 4.7Ghz is quite the jump. That's a 38% gain! My wolfdale chip only netted me 33%.

Either way, the point is, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have accomplished over the years? These were all my personal systems and I took the risk. However, the most fun overclock I did was in high school for our A+ classes. We took a Celeron 600A and water cooled it. That was an experience that netted us nearly 1100mhz! That was our "epic" class project and everyone chipped in to make it work. I think we hit something like 1084mhz and was able to run a benchmark on the CPU in Sandra or whatever it was back then. I will admit, it took us more than one of those CPU's to reach that as the first one came to a rather... quick demise including one really bad stink in the classroom.
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  1. I'm relatively new to clocking, only been building about three years but under my clocking belt so far,
    two x3 435's unlocked and clocked, one to 3.2 and the other to 3.5GHz
    and ofc my pride of the moment, my 975 is usable at 4.6GHz,
    I'm just working on making it a 24/7 deal for Farmville sessions :P
    will add Cpu-z's later, posting from mobile
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