P55A-UD3 and USB3.0

I recently fried my mobo and have to purchase a new one for my socket 1156 i5 system. I really like the layout and feel of the gigabyte P55A-UD3 motherboard. However, I am adding some new components to the system and have heard that enabling USB3.0 severly affects the speed of the PCI-E lanes.

I am not a gamer but I will have one HD4350 for viewing videos etc.... That will be in one PCI-E lane.

I was hoping to run a SSD in another lane. In particular, I was looking at this model


However, I am worried that any benefit of an SSD drive in a PCI-E lane is negated by allowing USB3.0 in my system. Enabling USB 3.0 turns the 1st PCI-E lane from 16x to 8x and completely disables the features of the second PCI-e lane. how would this affect my system?
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  1. Not at all, you can do so with confidence. Even effects on a gaming system would be minor unless a very high end card was used or crossfire/SLI was desired.

    At least in theory. Never tried it myself.
  2. Since you don't play games,then don't worry.
    x8 won't make a noticeable difference in non-gaming tasks(If you played games,then it was about 5-10%) slower than x16.
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