HD 2600 Pro runs faster than 8800 GTS ? what the?

After upgrading my main machine, I now find myself with a spare nVidia 8800 GTS 512MB video card. So I think to myself, well, it should be 4 times the speed of my spare computer's video, which is a ATI HD 2600 Pro 512Mb card. Right? I tested both in the main machine and the 8800 killed the 2600 (but Im now running duel 5770's in the main).

However, when I stick them in the spare machine, the 8800 actually runs slower than the 2600. How can that be?

* 3.0Ghz AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+ Windsor
* ASUS V3-M2A690G motherboard
* 2G Ram (Kingston [Unbuffered DIMM (KVR800D2N5K2/2G)])
* 1G Ram (Kingston KTC1G-UDIMM) {all 3G running at 800Mhz not 1066}
* Samsung 320GB HD321KJ HDD - SATA II 7200rpm
* Silverstone SST-ST60F PSU 600W
* ASUS 23" monitor (2ms) - set to 1680x1050
* Win 7 64 bit
* Keyboard, Mouse and headphones (only other devices)

I used this site http://support.asus.com/PowerSupplyCalculator/PSCalculator.aspx?SLanguage=en-us to calculate that I needed a maximum of 500W to run the 8800GTS and only 400W for the 2600, so both cards should get enough power I thought. (I also tried other sites and they said even less Watts were needed).

Anyone know why the 8800GTS is being outperformed by the 2600? Because it feels like a waste to put such a nice video card in the cupboard and use some older, theoretically slower card.
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  1. Did you uninstall drivers?
  2. No. How did I forget to do that. I will try that now. Thanks. I should know in 10 mins time then I hope.
  3. lol, it happens sometimes when we are eager to test out cards in our old rigs.
  4. No still got major lag compared to the 2600. Using same games and settings.
  5. Maybe it is quite possibly bottlenecked?
  6. Yes that was my thought. But cant tell where. Sadly I was cheap when I bought the motherboard as it has almost no abilities other than voltages to change, so no help there.
  7. If the card runs right in the other machine you definitely know its not the graphics card. I know that the 64 X2s were kind of bottle necked in their days compared to the C2D If it has less then 6mb of cache you are likely bottlenecked.
  8. Even with a GPU bottleneck, I'd be surprised if the 8800 ended up slower than a 2600 pro. Can you post any benchmarks?
  9. Turns out the 8800 needs just a few more amps on the 12V at near max load than the comp psu can give out. Strangely it didnt bsod or artifact. First I read the actual requirements of both then tested both on minimum graphics. The 8800 kicked arse then, so I can only conclude that it is getting all that it needs on lower graphical settings, but as soon as they are set to medium to high range it is being under powered.
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