Is ddram2 1200 better than ddr3?


I want to buy a Phenom II X6 1090T and i don't know what kind of motherboard to use, a motherboard that supports ddr2 1200mhz or one that supports ddr3?

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  1. I would get DDR3 board, boards that run DDR2 are labeled as "AM2+". Make sure that you get a board that supports X6s without a BIOS flash. To make sure you can buy a 8XX series board (chipset) and these all have support for the X6s without flashing the BIOS.

    The only reason to get DDR2 board is if you have some DDR2 memory left over that you can use in a new build. Though I'm not sure if you'll find an AM2+ board that supports X6s without a BIOS flash.

    Hope that helps.
  2. DDR2 is dead. No new CPUs will support DDR2. Bulldozer and Sandy Bridge will both be DDR3. So yeah, get DDR3 based board so that way you won't have to upgrade the RAM if swapping boards.
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