Seagate 500 gb portable hard disk not showing data!?

my 500gb hard disk seagate portable is not showing data!! i am using xp! i saw it working a couple of days back, whenever i plug in my hard drive usb , the autoplay doesn't appear (it used to appear before) and when i open my comp and open my hard drive,, no file is seen in it!! i have tried the disk management thing! i have never dropped it or bumped it,, it is just an year old!! please help me i have 100gb games 120gb movies and about 11 gb songs and 25 gb softwares and about 10 gb pics!! please help fast!! the properties of the hdd show that there is data but when my computer appears and i open the portable hard disk no file/folder is seen!!!
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  1. Does XP assign the drive a drive letter? Can you right click on it in DM and assign or change the drive letter?

    The first step is not to panic because you very likely can recover all the data, although it will demonstrate that you need a more comprehensive backup solution if the data is important to you -- the drive could actually fail in the future.
  2. like i said before that the hard disk is detected by my computer but when i double click on the hard disk icon it shows no data!! i did the DM thing and changed the drive letter but that didn't work for this!! i tried it on my friend's computer also but it has the same problem too in his computer!! please help me with another solution other than changing drive letters!
  3. crack it open and remove the ide or sata hdd and plug it into ur computer from the inside. if the same thing happends , spend alot of money to get it repairer or use it as a heavy frisbie
  4. A friend of mine used my HDD to watch movies on a TV. Now whenever i connect my HDD to computer or a laptop, it indicates the data being present on the HDD but doesnt show any. There is only a .cm0013 file on HDD now. What to do ?
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