I have 4Gb of ram my windows xp is showing only 2gb?

So every 6 months i reinstall my windows xp so today i did what i usually do i reinstalled xp and i just checked that my XP only says its has 2.0 GB. Before i uninstalled it like yesterday it said 3.25 Usable. I have win xp 32 bit. In CPU its saying 4GB but XP is saying 2Gb how can i fix this?
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  1. Windows XP is only reporting what the BIOS is telling it is the installed amount of memory, as you should see on the POST screen when the computer boots up. Try removing the memory chips and refitting them, this is the first thing that I would try report back if this does not work.
  2. Did you add any new partitions? Also, Load Defaults/Optimized in you BIOS. In addition while you're in there look for Memory Mapping and change the values.
  3. Also, upgrading to windows XP 64-bit will help. 32-bit OS cannot detect 4gb memory. Max is ~3.3gb.
  4. Thanks for these posts. i am dealing w/the same situation with 8GB of RAM. i 'jumpstarted' the new boot w/an EIDE HDD that had 32bit XPP on it; probably set the RAM in BIOS then. After several other 'situations' i've posted about in other forum headings, i've installed a 320GB SATA HDD and WXPPro 64bit, but am still seeing only 4GB of memory. i will reseat the memory before i reboot today and let you know how it worked.
  5. ^@AJSG59 - {yeah MOBO selections} If you're running several OSes then boot into your x64 and reboot into your BIOS change the Memory Mapping then boot into the x64 again. Partitions, multiple Oses {mixing 32/64 bit will do as stated}.

    Same hold true with OP @japjeev if this is the case. Obviously, 32-bit {2^32} has a limit of 4GB everything above is unaddressable and therefore ignored.

    However, booting back and forth forces the BIOS to the 4GB limit.
  6. BTW - I too have multiple OS but I use separate HDDs AND separate BIOS Profiles. I do NOT use Apps or the typical 'Boot Loader" methods; HDDs are cheep & problems cost more.
  7. Ahhh, so the two boots in 32bit XP caused the 4GB issue? How can i fix it? i am Not running two OSs; i bought a 320GB SATA HDD to replace the EIDE 40GB i used to jumpstart my new build & installed XPPro 64bit on it - that's all i plan to run on this system. i am doing updates now -at the office- still waiting on my wireless card @ home [taking my baby home w/me tonight though]; have to install Maya 2011 - the main reason i built this PC.

    Going to see if it's still showing 4GB after all of these updates (also did ASUS updates to the Chipset, Audio - have two others i need to look up directions for installation). i always cringe when i have to do anything with the BIOS... it can mess up CMOS and everything... i dont want to mess up this build :-/! You all keep me together though :-). So, is there a -hopefully- simple fix for the memory situation?
  8. ^ Shutdown & disconnect your IDE and RESEAT your RAM per Manual, Boot into BIOS {DEL key}, press F2 {loads defaults}, ESC {save & Exit}. This is assuming 1. your RAM is Tested/Compatible/Installed Correctly, 2. Your HDD is partition free {single partition}.

    Good Luck! :)
  9. Usually xp 32bit shows 3.25gb ram.
  10. The only IDEs in the system are CD/DVD drives... two of them - are they causing the problem w/the RAM? i have two SATA HDDs installed - the 320GB is the system drive running wxp64b; the 750GB is partitioned in one piece (for now-plan to put it in two pieces). i Only use Kingston RAM -although, this is VALUE RAM- would that make a difference? <jaquith> 1. & 2. are 'true' in your assumption. <Ah91> i only used the 32bit EIDE HDD to see if the system would boot; the HDD controller is dragging, so it's about to go out - i'm not using that one on this system at all - just forgot i'd mess up the BIOS reading by using it first; the memory now reads: 4,096MB of RAM - i have 4 2GB chips in the system; so i will try jaquith's suggestion. Thanks.
  11. Sorry, yesterday I had the headache from hell.

    @AJSG59 let us know, I would recommend that you start a new post.

    Good Luck!
  12. i know about those headaches! i too, was under-the-radar with a monsterous migraine! Ok, i will start a new post. Thanks.
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