9800GTX for my Inspiron 546

Hey everyone, I'm wondering if the 9800gtx would be a viable option when looking to upgrade my computer? I currently have a NVIDIA GeForce GT 220. The only game I am pretty much playing is World of Warcraft, so I'm starting to think this card may be overkill. The mobo is Dell 0F896N. I'm also aware that I might need to upgrade my power supply, but I heard that I might run into some problems with doing so. Any ideas?
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  1. Then get gts 250/260 instead. It will perform basically the same with 9800gtx.
    the recommended PSU is 500W, choose brands like Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, OCZ, SilverStone.
    It will not overkill, even with HD 4890, many people got a problem with WoW at some area.
  2. What resolution is your monitor?

    +1 -- Your best option is to get a new power supply and a good graphics card. This is only limited by your price limit, however my budget suggestion would be a Corsair 400cx ($39) and an ATI 4850 ($99) (newegg.com prices) If you can afford more than that we can suggest other options, but getting a more powerful graphics card is worth it. (edit note: the 4850 is a good deal because its similar to the 9800GTX in performance)

    If you strongly dont want to upgrade the PSU you might be able to get away with a weaker graphics card like a 5670 thats in between what you have and what you suggest in performance--but you would have to post your full PSU specs. This isnt your best option though--because quality PSUs are worth it. When i bought the corsair I listed above my computer became almost silent and runs much cooler.
  3. Thanks for the replies. My resolution is 1600x900. I think the power supply I have right now is only 300w. Im not sure if my mobo is capable of holding a bigger power supply, since many people have said things about having trouble replacing it.
  4. Don't all inspiron 546s come with a full-size tower? As long as you have an ATX power supply you should be able to replace it easily.

    A dell 300w PSU should be capable of handling some cards better than a GT 220 though. I'm not sure its worth it to make an incremental upgrade like this, but i'll let you look at charts and decide for yourself.

    A GT 240 DDR5 or 5670 should run somewhat safely. The higher cards might work too, but I wouldn't recommend stretching it.

    For comparison to your GT 220 card:
  5. Hmm... I'd rather play it safe, and the new power supply. Based on the results of the 8800gt, it seems like a viable option as an upgrade. I just ran CPU-Z, but I cannot tell if my mobo is ATX or mATX. I've also searched the internet, and cannot find more specifics on my mobo.

    I just looked on newegg, and it seems that searching for geforce 8800gt returns no results except for additional cooler.
  6. The 8800GT was rebadged as the 9800GT -- they are essentially the same card.

    Its a good value at about $80. If you get a new PSU the 4850 at $99 is better however--it performs slightly better than the 9800GTX/GTS 250 (which sells for about $115-125)
  7. I am thinking about the 4850 instead, if it performs better and is not much more expensive. I still haven't found anything on the motherboard yet, it is starting to bug me.
  8. Just open your case and see for yourself... :)
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