Any LGA 1156 mobos that supports LGA 775 Heatsink?

Short version: Is there any motherboard that will let me mount an LGA 755 HSF? Is this common, uncommon or unheard of?

That was the short version. I'd like to upgrade my system because I am told its GTX 460 is being bottlenecked by a Core 2 Quad.

I want to upgrade to a Core i5 750, so at minimum I will need new RAM and a new MOBO.

One part that I've always liked is my HSF, a Scythe Ninja Plus Mugen. It's worked so well that I have actually been using it without the fan for these past few of years. So, I would really like to keep this part. :love:

Thanks :hello:
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  2. Hey, nice research! You've made my day!
  3. Which C2Q do you own.? Are you just going by plain hearing that your CPU will bottleneck your video card or have you been experiencing any such stuff lately.? Under most circumstances, a little overclock can take care of bottlenecks if any..
  4. I am seeing low framerates + low GPU usage with an X3220. Overclocking helps directly, but I can't go higher than 3.4GHz.

    Even there I still see very low GPU usage when I'm getting <20 FPS.
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  6. It's a good decision. Given relative prices and performance it seems to make more sense these days to upgrade the platform as well as the CPU.

    Whenever I decide I need a quad, I'll be switching platforms... that will likely be Q1 2011 when the newer platform comes out.
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