Overclocking old 9150e

I have an old gateway desktop the 4200-09 and the thing is pretty old, but my brother wants it so I have put Windows 7 a thermaltake 600w power supply, and a 7770 is on the way. What I really want to ask Is I think the processor is going to bottleneck the graphics card even though it is still a 7770 so I am planning to overclock the processor to around 2.3ghz but I need help I do not know where to find the FSB in amd overdrive
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  1. Also do not worry about cooling I already have a hyper 212 evo
  2. No it does not let me I have tried and looked around for it but to no avail. :(
  3. I mean if their is a software to increase the FSB that would be awesome
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