SSD for DVR cameras system 24/7 ?

I'm sleeping right next to my DVR computer i am using for my cameras. The PC is already silent with 100% passive cooling but the HD is still making noise so i would like to get a SSD.

However, i have read that the most "write operations" on the SSD, the faster it will die... And i was wondering if it is true

Because of this is correct, this means a SSD wouldn't be recommended for a DVR system since it writes video files to the HD 24/7 and 265 days a year...
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  1. Hello,

    Yes you are correct. SSD drives die quicker by doing constant writes to them...they are much better for reading than writing, which is why they make perfect boot drives.

    Yes, I wouldn't trust an SSD these days versus an HDD for the DVR - HDD's are meant for storage of huge files (such as movies/music/anything that takes up space).
  2. Just built DVR and like chainz said.. i would stick with HDD's. The amount of data that would be over written would wear out that SSD in 2 years. If silence is needed.. i would stick with a lower RPM drive with large cache and use rubber mounts for the drive.. that should quiet it up a bit
  3. if you get one large enough it wont effect you for a long time. it takes like 100,000 writes to ruin a sector of an ssd which will take you a while to do. as long as you get one large enough to hold a few days video you should be fine for 30 years or so. even if some sectors die the drive still works. and there is even ecc protection around 50 bits per 512k sector. it varies by manufacturer.
  4. Thanks for infos

    Any idea how i can know how many writes operations per second i am doing while recording video 24/7 ? Just to give me an idea of how long a SSD would last
  5. 6 yrs.. lol guessing
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