Can i just double the RAM that i have??

Hi everyone,
I have an ASUS Rampage 3 Extreme mobo and i have 3x2GB Corsair Ram sticks in it for a total of 6GB.
I have some extra money to put into the system and was thinking of just buying an extra set of the same RAM to put in it.
Would that be okay? Even though they weren't tested together, they should still be the same. The timmings would be the same.
I really should've bought 3x4GB to begin with, but i didn't.
thanks in advance for any info you can give me.
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  1. Dunno why you want 12GB, but yes, it should work OK.
  2. Agree with above. 12GB will work well, although it's an overkill.
  3. You should be able to. The ram manufacturing process can change even within the same part number. In some cases that can cause problems with some motherboards. I think that is unlikely.

    Also, due to Intel spec definition. XMP DIMMs and DDR3-6-1600 are supported for one DIMM per channel only on a X58 motherboard. That means to me that you should be prepared to not use the XMP profile, and specify your ram speed as something less. It won't hurt your application performance.
  4. Yes it is overkill right now, but might want it in the future when i don't have the money to spend. That usually seems to happen.
    I just need to know if the two sets of 3x2GB should work ok together.
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    It should work ok as long as the brand, type, speed, and timing are the same. Very little it won't work and if it just happens, it's mostly defective stick & mobo support but nowadays mobo support all well-branded memory like Kingston, OCZ, Patriot, GSkill,. Just RMA it and get new one.
  6. ok, thanks for all the replies.
    i think i'll just stay with the 6GB that i already have.
    again, thanks.
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