Water cooling in an Antec 300

Is it possible to hook up a cpu water cooling rig in the Antec 300?

I notice that there aren't any rear retaining holes for the tubing. Another possible issue is space - where do you put the radiator, pump etc.?

If anyone out there has water cooling in their Antec 300, or knows a clever way to make it work (a good place to put it, a particular water cooling system to buy that works well with this case, etc.), post about it, I could use the advice.


a side question here, does the Antec 300 have dust filters for its intake fans?
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  1. Last question , I can answer. I have a 300. There is a full mesh filter, removable,cleanable, in front bezel. Without cutting ? You could fit a 120 rad in there, much like what people do with the corsair h50 self contained. Of course it won't be as efficient in there, your heat exchange VS outside the case. I'm not recomending this kit, but something like this, you could fit in there I suppose.
    Its a level up from the simple self contained systems.

    Another solution for having no tube holes, this passes them out a expansion slot.
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    For the Antec 300, many choose to mount the rad on top or in the front of the case where the drive bays are. If I was using a Antec 300, I'd mount the rad on top of the case.
  3. +1 what Shadow said.

    We've had some threads in the past indicating enthusiasts mounted a radiator on the top panel.
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