Is the True Spirit 120 still relevant?

Hey all. I am looking into getting a new CPU cooler and the True Spirit 120, Arctic Freezer 13 and Arctic freezer 13 pro are on my short list.

I am looking for price/performance under $45 and True Spirit 120 keeps coming up. Only thing is that it's over a year old at this point. Is it still one of the best price/performance CPU coolers?

I find it weird that NewEgg of all places does not sell the True Spirit. I can only find it on Amazon.
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  1. the cooler master hyper 212 is the best cooler to me for under 40$
  2. +1 to Rockdpm

    Also, buying a second fan to do a push/pull setup makes the Hyper212+ even better. Actually; you can set the 212+ up like that and spend less than $40. I spent about $40 on fans and $15 after a rebate on my Hyper212. And it works great.

    2600k@4.4Ghz and I hit 63C on IntelBurnTest with a max offset voltage at 1.216v. On prime95 I maxed around 57C. However I have two Silverstone FM121 fans mounted on my Hyper212+. :)

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