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Hi, I currently have a 320GB HDD in my desktop, and have just got a 64GB SSD that I want to add.

I have Windows 7 installed on the HDD, and I basically want to transfer the installation, including settings, and programs over to the SSD.

I don't have enough room for all my music videos on the SSD, so they can stay on the HDD.

The only way I know how to do this is back up everything externally, then simple reinstall Windows on the SSD, then download all of my programs again, and copy my files back over, something I would rather not spend the time doing....

Does anyone know of a program that can basically copy my Win7 installation to the SSD?

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  1. It's best to do a clean install on an SSD in order to make sure sector alignment is correct.

    When using Advanced Format drives with legacy operating systems, it is important to realign the disk drive using software provided by the hard disk manufacturer. Disk realignment is necessary to avoid a performance degrading condition known as cluster straddling where a shifted partition causes filesystem clusters to span partial physical disk sectors. Since cluster to sector alignment is determined when creating hard drive partitions, the realignment software is used "after" partitioning the disk. This can help reduce the number of unaligned writes generated by the computing ecosystem
  2. There are lots of programs to do it; one example is EASEUS ToDo backup with the option to Restore to Dissimilar Hardware set. However

    1) You would have to make a nice, safe backup of your drive, then use some tool to split it into two partitions, then move data off the OS partition onto the new data partition until your OS partition is under 64 GB. Then do the backup to external media and the restore to the SSD.

    Otherwise, the process will fail because it can't copy to the SSD. Just copying files isn't enough, as there are invisible magical thingies floating around. Sevenforums does an excellent job of explaining these things; I can't.

    2) It really is better practice to do the fresh install.
  3. Thanks for your help guys, I'll wait til I have a couple of hours free and do a fresh install.
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