Advice on cheap $400 build for gaming

Looking around I thought this system might be reasonable for some gaming. Don't have much money to spend.

Newegg prices.

CPU AMD Athlon II X3 435 $ 75
MEM G.SKILL Ripjaws 2x2GB (DDR3 1600) $105
PSU CORSAIR 400W $ 55 ($40 with rebate)
VID POWERCOLOR 4850 $100 ($90 with rebate)
MB ASRock M3A770DE AM3 $ 63
$398 ($373)

What do you guys think? Or should I go with slightly cheaper DDR2 memory.

Probably get a 17" or 19" LCD monitor locally used. And may just stick with a PATA HDD I have many lying around.
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  1. If its for gaming and money is the main concern this is what i recommend.

    prices include shipping and all discounts, including mail-in rebates

    $114.98 - AMD Athlon II X3 435 and Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H - 3 cores and super cheap. The mobo is awesome too and Gigabyte.
    $49.99 - 2GB G.Skill DDR2 800 5-5-5-15 Dual Channel memory - I ran 2GB for a long time, scored high in every game benchmark, no problem multitasking. Used Windows 7 x64. Also no need for DDR3 in an AMD system. The faster timings are more of a benefit.
    $74.99 - WD Caviar Black 640GB 32MB Cache hard drive - This is the drive I use, cheap and pretty fast.
    $48.98 - Sony 24X DVD burner with OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W modular power supply - Can't beat the price, plus it's a nice power supply.
    $39.99 - Cooler Master Elite 335 - Great case, great build quality and awesome attention to detail. Inexpensive.
    $89.99 - Powercolor HD 4850 1GB - Can't beat it for the price, and the 4850 is no slouch.

    $418.92 - $483.92 no rebates - Heck thats dirt cheap for a whole system, all you need is the operating system. Wow I might just buy this also. :o
  2. Thats pretty much as good as its going to get. Thats a pretty good build above. You could even just get a 500 gb hard drive and save $15. So its closer to your $400 mark.
    Free shipping too. Unless you really need this build now and you want to play games NOW, I really suggest you wait and save up your money. At the end of March the Fermi is coming out and who knows whats going to happen to prices then. If you save up enough, say $650 or so in the next month and wait for the fermi, you might be amazed at the prices and youll get a much better gaming rig. You could get a $650 gaming rig a month from now that would have cost $750 today. Even if the fermi doesnt change any prices, at least you saved up and got a much better gaming rig. If you need the computer now, then the build above is perfect. Good luck
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