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I overclocked my Core 2 Quad 9650 from 3GHz to 3.5GHz. I ran prime95 on it and after it hit the second test, the temp maxed out at 70c and I quit it because that's the 'no no' temp for my CPU. I have a full copper heatsink from Zalman, what should I do? Up my voltage, or upgrade my heatsink?
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    If you up the voltage, you're going to give that CPU more power. Effectively that CPU is going to heat up more. I'd probably do one of two things. Clock it down and lower voltage or I'd chump up some change for a new heatsink/fan. I never had a lot of luck with the Zalman series. I've had a 9500a floating around here that I actually used for a while with my 2600k. But it's not a "Good" heatsink but definitely was better than stock.

    That's intel's rating for the processor... 71.4C. I'm not sure the exact MAX of the processor but, I'd definitely back it down until you find out how to get that temperature down.
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