Best Mobo/Memory for my Core 2 duo E6320

I'm trying to figure it out which option is better. The thing is that I think buying a Mobo with DDR3 support would be better because it has more current stuffs, like USB3, and a longer CPU support list for future cpu upgrade(I'm not buying another CPU for a while) cuz the board was release this year...

So I want to buy that board (GIGABYTE GA-EP43T-USB3) and a pair of DDR3 1333 2X2GB (G.skill F3-10666CL8D-4GBHK)...

Given that my CPU (Core 2 duo E6320) has a FSB of 1066, does that means that the memory will run significantly slower than it should?

Would I need to overclock the CPU in order to reach a better DRAM/FSB ratio? What overclock configuration should I go for? I'm looking for a stable configuration, not a huge overclock...


Should I go for a MObo/DDR2 combination instead?

Sorry for my bad english in advance :P
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  1. Have you tried overclocking on your current motherboard? If it's oem by dell, etc. then it may not be possible. But also remember that oem boards are tied to your windows operating system, so changing boards may require a new copy of windows. Socket 775 isn't optimized for ddr3, so don't expect too much of an increase in performance. If you're a gamer, then a video card upgrade might be a better use of your money. Get the maximum use of your current rig or sell it first, then do a proper upgrade of the cpu, board, and ram all at once.
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