Connecting 2 PCs to the Internet - Google has not been my friend

Hi all,

I have a very simple question, but since I know nothing about these things, it seems that I cannot express it properly on google, so I came to a real pool of knowledge: people who know their stuff.

So, I have a desktop PC which is connected to the Internet with a wired 9112 US robotics Ethernet router. I am about to buy a laptop for moving around and while it is at home I would like to have internet on it without spending too much money on a wireless router. My us robotics device supports only one PC. How can I connect my laptop-to-be to the internet?

This guy told me I need a switch and use the following setup: Phone plug -> Router -> Switch -> my 2 PCs. Is that true? I haven't found anything online that would support this view. I am not even sure what's the difference between the Switch and my router. I do know that Switches online cost about 12 euros, so they can't have Router functionality.

I should clarify that I don't care if the two computers communicate with each other, even though I would appreciate the functionality (considering that one will have Windows XP and the other Windows 7, some problems may occur). In any case, I just want Wired Internet for both. They're going to be in the same room anyway.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. You could use a switch but if you want to move around with the laptop, just get a wireless router. They're only $30 - $40.
  2. So, that guy was right?

    This setup:

    Phone plug -> Router -> Switch -> my 2 PCs

    is viable?

    I would get a wireless router, but I live in an area with poor coverage and I play online games (TF2 mostly, where low ping is vital), so I can't risk having even poorer connection. Besides, I also need to buy a wi-fi card (or something like that) for my desktop, since it's not equipped with anything like that.

    Thanks for your help. Any additional feedback would be appreciated.
  3. If the router you presently use lacks a spare ethernet socket, a Switch may do the trick -- but, as integrated modem/routers with multiple ports and wireless are what most people buy, they are cheap.

    You don't have to use the wireless if you don't want to -- or you can just use it with the laptop.
    I assume you have ADSL internet, so check the ISP's website and see what equipment they supply or recommend, which may simplify setting up.
  4. I'd contact your ISP and see if they will provide a new router that supports wireless as well as additional ports - most ISPs will provide a router with their service free of charge (if you call paying your monthly fee free of charge) - so before buying anything check with them.

    BUt to answer the question yes a switch would work - the main difference between a switch and a router is that the switch just passes all the traffic coming in to all of the other ports where a router will repeat the signal only to the port that the destination is connected to thus saving some traffic on the line but for your use a switch is more than adequate.
  5. I ended up getting a cheap switch. It works perfectly so far, so thanks everyone. I'll see what I'll do next...maybe going the wireless route-r (bad pun intended), but I am really worried about the quality of the signal.

    Well, there's always the neighbor with the unlocked wireless router. I can always leech off of him. And I think he wants people to take his internet. Whoever he is, his user name is Stalin...hence, a communist...hence, he's into sharing...I hope.
  6. Stalin has blocked all communications...It figures...
  7. Unless your walls are solid stone above 10" thick i wouldn't worry about signal quality.
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