System rebuild, looking to replace antec P180

So yeah, I have the following system:

Core i7 920 w Noctua 120mm tower heatsink
Radeon HD5870
3x HDD
Blu-Ray Drive
Asus P6T deluxe v2 mobo
Be Quiet 750W PSU, modular

Now I'm looking to transplant the system from the P180 its in, to something easier to build in, without sacrificing noise. So far, the P193 looks like a good option, since it removes the obstructing as hell fan at the bottom to make PSU connecting easier, and has the offset mobo tray, while still being soundproofed

But before I drop cash on one, I want to know - Are there many good alternatives around on the market? There are aspects of the P193 I'm not crazy about, like the intrusive HDD mounts that cause cable clutter.

So I ask of ye, tomshardware - What out there matches the P193 for cooling and noise, but gives a kick up the ass to ease of build? Top panel firewire/usb would be useful too, as opposed to front, but thats not a deal breaker at all.
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  1. Since you are interested in a quiet pc, check out Silent PC Review:

    It pays to rummage around the site.
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