MSI K9A2 overheating video cards, north bridge

I have an MSI K9A2 CF motherboard. My issue is the top video card sits very close/next to the Northbridge and that is causing my heating problem. I run dual ATI 4650's and the only problem is the heat onto the primary video card. Its severley degrading my game play when I run 3D intensive games. Factoring out replacing the motherboard what can I do to relieve the heat problem. I do not overclock anything in my box and I built the system into an NZXT Tempest case, 6 fans (3 in, 3 out). any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I have seen this case before having similar heating issues, there's no top fan or grill and the case seems to trap the hot air towards the top. A fix would be to use a high CFM rear exhaust fan. In addition the number of fans is somewhat important but the CFM in < CFM out. {Cubic Feet / Minute}

    To test this airflow pull the side off and aim a household fan at the CPU area and run Prime95 and monitor your Temps.
  2. The Tempest case has 2 120mm fans on the top as exhaust and 2 120mm on the front as intake, there are 2 80mm fans one on the back as exhaust and one on the side clear panel I have turned in as an intake, offset from where the Northbridge iis located so not really doing anything for it. The power cable connector on the Motherboard is blocking airflow from the front fans. All exhaust fans except for the PSU are blowing very slightly warmer than room temperature air. I'm wondering if there is a heat sink/fan combo I can get for the northbridge for this board.
  3. My error regarding your case {posted via iPhone}; recent NZXT Hush ->

    Well the fans are situated correctly: Top/out, Rear/out, Ft/in, side/in.
    guesstimates on CFM {equal}:
    IN: 120 + 120 + 80
    OUT: 120 + 120 + 80

    Typically the HD 4650 don't run too hot, but lack the Full Shroud to exhaust hot air out. Therefore, still as I suggested earlier test the temps with the side panel off and with a fan blowing into the case. If there's is a > 5-8C difference then I would purchase (2) Scythe, Rosewill, or Noctua 120mm top fans with >50 CFM @ 30dBA or less; maybe also the (2) 80mm - airflow. {I like Scythe for good CFM :: Noise or Delta for extremes}

    The NB is rated up to an incredible 105C max temp, and is ALWAYS hot to the touch!

    Please post you Temps: Group 1 - Prime 95 10 Minutes, cool down 10 minutes, Group 2 - Prime95 10 minutes.
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