Need a harddrive adapter for SSD drive for Asus G74

I just bought an SSD drive that arrived today, only to figure out I also need to order a harddrive adapter. I'm not really quite sure what I'm looking for; when I search "harddrive adapter" on newegg, I got all sorts of responses.

Any help with what I need?
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  1. The adapter should be for installed the 2.5" SSD into a 3.5" drive bay.

    Never heard of a "drive adapter to a mobo."

    I just looked, your PC is a laptop?

    Sorry, I'm no good at laptops.
  2. are you replacing your normal HDD? are you putting the SDD into the ODD caddy? does the g74 have bays for two HDD's?

    What exactly are you trying to do?
  3. I am just putting the SSD in the 2nd drive bay. I need an adapter for it.
  4. The caddy to secure the SSD on the 2nd bay for the ASUS G74 is suppose to be in there. But I heard of reseller removing them.
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