Problem with more than one copy of xp on disc

My 2005 factory built system came originally with 2 x 80gb disc drives ATA Promise 1+0 stripe/raid0 scsi disk device

Operating system XP with sp3

Some time back one of the drives went down so I replaced it with a 500gb sata drive.

Then windows went down and I ended up buying a new XP disk and reloading windows.

Then I had two copies of XP os on the same drive, but was only able to access the second one.
Just a few days ago, after cleaning the drive with Comado disc cleaning program to delete duplicate files, upon rebooting it would not fully load windows again.
It got past the starting windows screen, but then after a short while just ended up in a blank screen.
I then tried a repair using the windows disk, it went through the repair process but still windows would not load.
I tried a second repair attempt and still no joy.
Because I needed to use the computer I reloaded another windows XP, and now I have three windows XP loaded on the same disc but can only access the latest one.
The disc drives show as follows; Drive C: NTFS this is the drive with three copies of XP on it.
Drive D: Raw
My questions are these. how can I delete 2 copies of XP from drive C: without loosing any data.
and how can I recover the files from drive D: that has converted itself to RAW.
In the folders list, windows is shown as windows, windows2, windows3
I do have some restore points on windows2 but I can currently only access windows3.

My other negative point is that I don't have an external back up system. (silly me)
The system is currently working ok but I need to keep all the data.
Some of the programs I used a lot such as Firefox,Thunderbird , Adobe and others are installed on all three windows will this effect anything. I need to retain email addresses from Thunderbird on the second version of windows.

I hope somebody will be able to understand what I have written and give me some advice.
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  1. You should back up all your data files and perform a full install of XP that formats the hard drive first. Then you will only have one copy of XP.
  2. I take your point, that this is probably the easiest option, but I don't have a external drive to back up to.
    Is there a way I can get access to the restore point on windows 2, as currently it only shows windows 3.
    Also backing up to an external drive, would you be able to back up more than one copy of a program, eg Thunderbird; to be able to access emails and address books.
    Also how do I convert the RAW drive D: back to ntfs so that I can access the files.
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