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So, I ordered my first custom loop to replace my H80 and was wondering about this;

I got the 5,25" bay reservoir mounten up top and the pump mounted on the floor in the case, the 240mm rad in top and then the cpu block.

Now I know its not good to run the pump dry and can very easily break it, so my question is, silly as it might be:

Does it matter if the loop goes clockwise or counterclockwise?

I mean, for the sake of the pumpe it should go

Res-Pump-CPU-Rad-Res; this will make it flow clockwise

and not

Res-rad-CPU-Pump-res; This will make it flow counterclockwise

Hope I'm not being a complete idiot here!

Best regards,
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  1. Watercooling Sticky:


    Does the order of components in your watercooling loop matter concerning temps and performance?

    Not really. A watercooling loop is exactly what it says it is; a closed loop, so the water is being pushed just as much as it is being pulled. Most advice is to have the reservoir outlet feeding the pump inlet, but this is primarily for simplicity in filling and priming the loop. It also is very effective when purging air from the loop as the air collects in the reservoir (with the understanding that it is at least equal to or higher than the pump inlet) which prevents air from being re-circulated.
    xTremeSystems.org, Test Report: Loop Order, does it make a difference?
  2. That's like saying if you were to look at the case from the hardware side, it would be flowing clockwise, and if you looked at it from the back panel side, it would be going counter-clockwise. :P Just kidding! Doesn't make a difference.
    Remember to read the sticky next time though.
    Good luck with your first loop :)
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