hi, i bought p5qpl-am asus mb, and 2 gb kingston pc 800, when i power my pc i hear 1 long beep and 2 short beeps. they say its the memory but when i test the memory to other pc it is working. i also detached my vc and use the built in video on the mb but still i hear those 1 long and 2 short beeps, help guys what should be the problem? my specs are asus p5qpl-am mb, intel pentium 925, 1 gb sparkle video card, 2 gb kingston pc 800 and 320 gb harddrive
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  1. is it 2 x 2gb or just one 2gb stick? If it's 2 sticks try booting with one stick. Are you overclocked at all? I know when an overclock doesn't work on my Asus board I get a long beep and it restarts. Just gotta tinker with it in bios.
  2. its just one 2 gb stick. Another thing, when i turn on i hear those beeps but my pc had a power i can even open the dvd rom, but no video on the monitor. Is it my processor pentium d 925 not compatible on asus p5qpl-am mb? or my mb is busted?
  3. Is your memory ECC or Non ECC, because that cpu doesn't support ECC, check it out here: http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=27517&code=pentium+d+925
    Give me your ram specs please and i will take a look :)
  4. Your beep code is telling you that the memory is the problem so that is most likely the case. The board supports the Pentium processors so I don't think that's the problem.
    If you go to the asus web site and check the QVL for your board, Kingston is not listed as being supported @ that speed. There is only a short list for the DDRII 800MHz memory compatible with your board.
    Crucial BL25664AL80A.16FE5(EPP)
    Crucial BL25664AR80A.16FE5(EPP) Are both 4 Gb kits (2x2Gb) Here is Crucial's list of what they say is compatible. But I don't see any guarantees.
    OCZ OCZ2F8004GK is a single 2 Gb stick
    As well as Qimonda HYS64T256020EU-2.5-C2 being a single 2 Gb stick.

    I have found that if you stick to the Qualified Vendor's lists you usually don't have problems with memory. The only exception (That I know of and trust) to this rule is Corsair's memory configurator. If you use that then they guarantee the memory to be compatible. I ran it for you here in case you wanted to check it out. You can also click in their link on the same page to other compatible Corsair memory. Since you just bought your memory I hope you can return it for a refund and get something from the recommended list(s). Good luck and let us know how/what you're doing.
  5. I know that the BIOS books say that one long, 2 short beeps indicate a problem with memory, but I have seen one long, two short beeps point to a video problem.
  6. Maybe you have to clear CMOS before going further. Add the gfx card and clear CMOS or remove the card and clear CMOS. Then continue what you want to do.

    Look into the documentation of your motherboard for Clear CMOS operation.
  7. Hi jsc, I agree, I find that most Bios beep codes, (AMI, Award, Compaq, & Quadtrel), all report that 1 long, 2 short say video problem. But macky2878 said he tried with a vid card and the onboard chip so I was hoping his documentation about the beep codes was correct. And yes, what suat says is also a good idea macky2878. Your bios might be set to read pcie slot for video display so it's not looking at the onboard chip. You can either go into bios and check/change that setting or, after you power down and remove the vid card, pull the onboard battery out, hold down the power button for a few seconds then replace the battery. This should clear you cmos settings. Attach your monitor to the onboard vga connector and power up.
  8. Like I said, it's probably the ram. I cant be sure if its the ECC function or not because I need your ram specs, but I would use the ram qvl list and buy a new stick.
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