On a lcd screen does 5s matter compared to 2s

I bought an Lg Ess50V at Frys for 234.00 at 21.5 inch, I noticed Costco has 23 in samsung at same price. Which is better on a cheap CPU. I noted that LG has 5 ms and both samsungs have 2m. Which is the better monitor?
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  1. Lower is better. Its the screen refresh rate.

    But this mattered more 5 years ago when units were in the range of 10 to 30ms than now. You could see the lag in some high action sequences on slower monitors. 2ms vs 5ms? Like Timeop said, not much difference today.

    When it comes to montiors, don't worry about the specs. You have to look at it every day. Put eyes on target and select the one that looks best to you. Pick one you love and you will be happy with it.
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