New P55 Build + RevoDrive - which Motherboard?


It's been ~8 years since I built a new PC, so I'm just catching up with PCIe. I'm building a i7 870 P55 based monster machine (cooler, quieter than an i7 950 X58), but I need good PCIe connectivity as I'm getting a OCZ RevoDrive (witch uses a x4 port), and a good graphics card, and it would be nice to have the option later to get SLI.
- Can I do it, or will I only get x4 1GB/sec bandwidth to the 2nd SLI card since I'll have a RevoDrive?
- Will the RevoDrive x4 connector fit in a normal PCI socket?
- Some mobo configurations have the tiny 4x slot between the x16 slots, might be a cooling problem?
- Most importantly, which motherboard is best for this?

Many Thanks!
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  1. 1. Not sure about that one =P
    2. No it will not, it's meant for PCIe x 4 - doesn't work with regular PCI.
    3. Not a BIG problem, but with a proper case and airflow, should not be much of a problem.
    4. I'll get back to this one after i'm done eating lunch xDD *nom nom nom*
    Third PCIe x16 slot runs at x4 speed and should accept the x4 connector.
  3. Thanks, I'm going for the Asus P7P55 WS Supercomputer. The NF200 will give me more than enough PCIe lines, and it should be a great board for overclocking.
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