Intel t5750 compared to pentium t4400

Which is the best processor in a laptop
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  1. The T4400 has the following advantages over T5750
    -as higher clocked than the T5750 by 200 MHz
    -has a system bus of 800 MHz over the 667 MHz of T5750
    -built under the 45nm technology and is smaller die size than the T5750
    -410 million transistors over 291million in T5750

    while T5750 has 2 MB cache advantage over 1 MB cache in T4400.

    i would recommend you a T4400 over T5750 because i don't think 2Mb cache of T5750 with lower clocks would be better when you consider the faster bus and clocks of T4400 with a 1Mb cache.

    Go for the T4400.
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