Ssd 64 GB sata3 6gb on a motherboard with sata2 3gb


I have just read the toms-hardware article: Ten 60 GB SandForce-Based Boot Drives, Rounded-Up, by Andrew Ku, and i want to buy one ssd to install window 7. The problem is that my motherboard, and Asus p6t deluxe v2 is rather old, and it only supports Sata 2 3gb. So my question is it worth it to buy a Ssd Zalman F1 60gb Sata3 6gbps or a Corsair Force Gt Sata3 6gbps, to use on a mother that is only Sata 2 3gb?

thanks all for your answers

PS: this is my configuration, motherboard Asus P6t Deluxe V2, micro Intel Core i7 920, memory G-Skill 6gb DDR3 triple channel, video Gigabyte geforce 570.
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  1. Yes there is currently no price premium for getting a SATA 6Gb drive over SATA 3Gb and it will run fine able to max the SATA II interface.
  2. OK, .. .buy don't you think reading some reviews of this SSD 6gb that it will produce a bottleneck using a Sata 3Gb?
    thanks for your answer Rolli59.
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    The SSD will not reach its full potential but will be faster than a SATA II SSD, later down the road you might upgrade to a motherboard that supports SATA III and then you will be happy with haven gotten SATA III drive.
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  5. Thanks again rolli59, i will have to work on a future upgrade may be a core i7 2700, and a good mobo with sata III support. Don´t have many options in my country in order to get a motherboard lga 1366 Sata 6 Gb, and they are very expensive (over U$S 360), so if the difference using a ssd is, lets said 20% between Sata 3gb and sata 6gb, it does not worth the money.
  6. I find this article: Upgrade Advice: Does Your Fast SSD Really Need SATA 6Gb/s?,3110.html
    so thanks again
  7. Yes plenty of good SSD articles around here is a lot of good info
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