I cannot set sound settings higher than 2 channel

Hey guys before I start, I would like to thank anyone and feel the pain of anyone who has been though this and resolved their issue.
Right now I'm on the cusp of just upgrading to Windows 7, but before that let me explain.

A couple days ago, I bought a new surround sound system to replace my old trusty Logitek 5.1 speakers that I've been using for the last ..6, or 7 years.
Real nice Pioneer amp, and Bose Accoustimass 10 5.1.. work perfectly.. with everything but my PC, which is what I bought it for... Nice huh.

I connected it via optical.. or tried to... See I bought my pc from Alienware last year(end of year sale, I would never buy alienware unless they were half price).. The optical jack on my PC's motherboard is broken, no light being emitted whatsoever.. Figured that out after spending about an hour and a half on the phone with an alienware rep after he tried everything under the sun to get it working.

So today, I figure, ah hell whats another 50 bucks, I decide to buy a sound card... problem number 2.. my motherboard only has 1 PCI slot, and occupied by my wifi card.. the rest are all PCIe, I search the city.. one place had one oem Sound Blaster X-Fi that was compatible with PCIe and optical.

I get home, install it.. I get stereo 2 channel, no sub, no centre, no rear.. Go to sound properties.. Ok, no selection for 5.1, its all 2 channel in several hertz ranges. I disable the onboard, hell I even unintalled it and disabled HD audio on my motherboard at one point(back on now, I want my headphone jack in the front to work, besides it didn't fix the problem anyway.) still have 2 channels.. This is after installing and reinstalling my card several times, turns out the newest drivers can't detect my sound card so i have to use the older ones... FANTASTIC!...

After trying to do a windows update, which fails to load.. probably because I use an alienware modified OS.. I dunno, or care, I dont think it would help. I decided to hit the web and seach for solutions, the basline issue seems to reside in Vista's kernel protection, or something like that... It prevents your soundcard from accessing what it needs to in order to modify your speaker setup to inform windows that HEY HELLO WE CAN DO 5.1... pure genius imo.
The biggest slap in the face is that when doing the tests under sound to see which formats it can support, it pings all my speakers.. probably because it sends it to all channels... NOW...

What do I do? I'm stuck on 2 channel unable to switch to anything higher.

Thanks for taking a couple minutes to read this. I really nice some help here.
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  1. http://mpc-hc.sourceforge.net/


    Download AC3 filter, configure it with media player classic - home cinema. Surround should work through this media player.
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