Is that enough RAM ?

Hi people , we all know that ram is one of most important hardwares & can directly influx on games , transfer & working of hardwares & ... SO i needed good ram for my new RIG . let me say that CPU that i wanna buy ( i5 760 ) has 1333 FSB . & i was thinking about geting new 2x2Gb ram which is 1333MHZ DDR3 . but stuck on 2 things . is 1333 enough MHZ for new hardwares or i should get higher ( 1600 ) ? second thing is that which brands are perfect ? if i only be able to get Kingmax , UMAX or Geil , then which one will u suggest me ?
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  1. Wrong section...

    Anywho 2x2GB of 1333mhz RAM is plenty for almost everything

    Out of the three brands you said, I'd go for Geil only because I've not heard of the other two.

    I only have 3 x 1GB of 1200Mhz RAM and its enough for gaming, photoshop, Dreamweaver and some light CAD work.
  2. thanks but i didnt find correct section , i went to Memory section . but there where diffrente names that non of them match with my request ( question ) .
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  4. i5's are 2 channel ram...not triple channel. OP...ram is not as important as you are thinking...the difference between DDR3-1333 and DDR3-1600 is maybe 2%. so instead of 50fps you get 51fps in a shooter...for the extra money upgrade the videocard or CPU.
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