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hello all,new here. today i got directv and i would like to be able to play it though my pc. i don't no what i need to do this. the receiver i have is standard,no fancy hd or nothing. do i need to buy a tv tuner card for this?and if so which one's. thx toyz
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  1. You need to buy a TV tuner for sure, and you run your reciever into your computer. You need a receiver just for your computer because you cannot change channels useing your computer, you will need to use the remote with the receiver. I do not know much about TV tuners but i do have Direct Tv
  2. This is similar to the problem Im having; yes you CAN connect the directtv and run it on the monitor, for this you basically only need a video to USB adapter, these cost about $40 (cheapest) to maybe $80 for a decent one?

    The output of the directv or dvd or vcr includes the rca-type connectors for Video, (yellow colored) Audio-Left and Audio-Right (red colored). Left is white; dont confuse these for the RGB or Component rca-connectors, the colors are put there for a reason, not to be colorful.

    you can connect up the video/audio to the usb adapter thing, and with software it can import and stream the video to the screen of your PC.

    The better solution is to get an All-In-Wonder video board but make SURE the box you get at the store has the rca-connectors with it! or you will have an AIW in the PC with no way to connect up a directv or vcr. (and then be in a similar boat that Im in)

    others can comment about gold plated rca-cables working better or being the same but if possible get gold plated ones
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