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Please Help: ATI Catalyst Driver issues/Radeon HD 4850

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Last response: in Graphics & Displays
February 15, 2010 3:25:47 AM

Issue: Strange crashes/reboots with the display drivers, I've tried the Windows update drivers and the latest Catalyst 10.1, clean install with Driver Sweeper. Seems like none of them are helping me at the moment.


Intel DP55WB Motherboard
Intel i5 750 Processor @ 2.67GHz
Radeon HD 4850 1GB
Ultra LS 750w PSU
Windows 7 32-bit

Reverted back to 32-bit from 64-bit to see if that was part of the issue but no avail.

-Clean installation of Windows 7 on a brand new SATA hard drive
-Tried Memtest86+. No errors.
-Tried different fan speeds using RivaTuner, tried increasing the fan speed in small increments till eventually 100% and no avail.
-Temperatures seem normal and vary with drivers but idle relatively low in the 55-44c range.
-CPU temp is normal
-Flashed BIOS to latest configuration
-Downloaded latest Motherboard drivers

At the moment I'm currently running no display drivers since I've pinpointed that as the cause of my hardware crashes. I'm actually having no crashes whatsoever as long as the drivers are disabled/uninstalled. As soon as I install any sort of Catalyst drivers my computer crashes randomly, either within 5-10 minutes, immediately as the desktop starts up, or while I'm browsing the net/playing a game, no set pattern.

I'm in desperate need of help since I've been at this for days on end with little sleep. Help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

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February 15, 2010 4:09:51 AM

I actually had a problem myself with the 4850 and drivers. I installed Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate. The drivers (newest ones, 10.1) did not crash like you have outlined, but they reduced my fps in games by a good 40%. I ended up uninstalling the drivers as well and had no problems. It isn't ideal to have no CCC to easily change fan speed, but the fan comes on by itself when necessary. I can't give you an answer why, but I myself am just living with no latest drivers.
February 15, 2010 4:14:41 AM

Me thinks the 4850 is just a bad card in general and incompatible with my mobo or Windows 7. Thing is it worked fine with XP and my old mobo just fine.
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February 15, 2010 4:46:57 AM

I'm afraid to shell out more money on a new card/and/or mobo and get the same results. Safe to say I'm already traumatized with crashes =(
February 15, 2010 8:54:50 AM

Hi sexy214x. This sounds massivley like the issue I'm experiencing with my 4850. When you have the driver installed and you go into device manager are you seeing any errors on the 4800 driver?
February 15, 2010 9:26:24 AM

I suggest reverting to 9.10 or 9.11 as I'm also having problems with 9.12 and anything above. Although in my case it's a very awkward one.... It doesn't accept any driver, from ATI to Palit.

Also, I've heard some reports that in order to use 9.12 and above without problems you need to update your Windows. And then that updated Windows will have problems on 9.11 and below.
March 25, 2010 11:51:20 AM

I think you should check the OCZ Ram voltage requirement.( it is probably 1.65 V)
The dp55wb mobo is finicky about ram that is different than it's default 1.5 volts setting.
I've got the same OCZ ram(barebone kit-tiger direct) and want to change it now 'cause I get these strange craches also, once or twice every day.
check out Kingston's ram compatibility chart for your mobo.
I'm using a cheap graphics nVidia 9500gt, I thought it was my video card also.
March 25, 2010 12:24:43 PM

I built a barebones kit dp55wb i5 ....turns out that the OCZ ram that came with it, is not really compatible and requires 1.65 volts rather than the default 1.5v on this MOBO. I think that is the problem with your set-up also.
I'm getting restarts and freezes the same way you do , once or twice a day using a cheap nvidia 9500gt graphics.
I was going to change the video card , but now I think I'd better change the ram to Kingston value ram 1333 ddr3 first chance I get, as recommenced by intel.
Intel does not recommend raising the voltage to 1.65 as it would shorten processor's life.
Hope this helps!
March 25, 2010 12:34:27 PM

Sexy214x said:
Me thinks the 4850 is just a bad card in general and incompatible with my mobo or Windows 7. Thing is it worked fine with XP and my old mobo just fine.

How dare you call this a bad card..... [:lectrocrew:3] , it performs way above avarege for a 4xxx series card [:tapko:1]
November 8, 2010 2:04:08 AM

ATI sucks. I have the 4350 and am having the same problems where it just won't install updated drivers on Win7 32 bit. Everyone is having these problems. I told myself 7 years ago that I would never buy an ATI card again because of the same problems. They've now been sold to AMD and it's the same thing! I really thought they would have worked out this sloppy development by now and I gave them another chance.

Never again.
November 8, 2010 2:13:58 AM

FYI to anyone: Win7+ATI Graphics+Realtek on-board sound don't mix. You will never get them all working at peak performance at the same time. In addition, using HDMI with the ATI creates conflicts with the HDMI sound driver and Realtek. But Win7 insists that I need sound on my flat screen TV. ATI should allow this to be disabled -- as in not sensed at all by Windows.

On top of all that, my wifi card is Realtek and hates them all. I am buying a new wifi card and will try connecting the ATI graphics over DVI to see if I can eliminate some of Win7's Dislexia (or is it Realtek's ADD? They all blame the other guy of course.) We'll see.
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November 8, 2010 8:38:26 AM

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