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i wanna get the phanteks ph-tc14pe to cool my cpu, the 410 has 2 140/120mm fan slots on the top of the case would it be a good idea to mount the front top fan as intake to feed the cooler fresh air? i wanna try this or do an h100i push pull with the pull fans up top under the vented cover, and the rad and push fans inside mounted to the top... theres pros and cons to both tho. lol im trying to balance form with function here any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. i could also do an h80i on the rear exhaust spot but maybe mount the pull fan outside the case for a slightly cleaner look inside. i do plan to OC as high as my equipment can reliably handle 3570k with asrock z77 extreme


-pros: any size ram i want, less stress on mb, more space for air to move around, corsair link(fan noise control, changable led), led fans (up top h80i/rear exhaust h100i)

-cons: kinda loud on high speed, tricky install(h100i), if i cant fit push/pull h100i NO LED FANS UP TOP!! lol maybe u guys can point out some other cons for these


-pros: top tier air cooler, more spots for led fans(love those in windowed/meshed side panels), less hassle to install(no hoses), color options, looks badass thru a window, white parts of fans(white case red or blue led)

-cons: size, weight, ram constraints, white parts of fans(black case red leds)
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  1. There are no ram constraints if you install the memory first.

    As for the rest, it's purely aesthetics.

    Personally, Performance/noise > aesthetics.
  2. im not too concerned with noise cuz of the fan controller in the 410 and the corsair link, but im leaning toward the white/silver phanteks, vengeance lp and black phantom with red led... i think the cooler will give some nice contrast, lol if i didnt care enough about performance it would be cnps12x... that is by far the sexiest cooler i've ever seen, and they say its pretty quiet
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