GTX 260 x2 vs HD 5850 vs GTX 275

which is best for money? best performance?
if i do get the HD 5850, i will more then likely crossfire it some time down the track. Also if i got the GTX 275, i will sli sometime down the track. But atm wats the best over all?

GTX 260 x2 vs HD 5850 vs GTX 275
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  1. GTX260SLI>HD5850>GTX275

    I'd just grab the HD5850 now though. Same price as GTX260SLI, about 80% the performance, and at a later crossfire, will kill it.
  2. As performance "GTX260SLI>HD5850>GTX275" is good but 2 gtx260 are more expensive then 1 HD5850 and they consume a lot more.

    HD5850~ 300$
    gtx260~ 200$(180-220$)
    And, yes. I would advise you also to buy HD5850because is the most powerful of them all except SLI, but you also will have DX11 and better power saving, meaning the electric bill will be smaller.
    The power consumption ain't worth it when the gains are that small if you compare it to the HD5850.

    Short answer: HD 5850.
  3. HD5850 FTW :) go for it and dont think back :D
  4. Did not see...GTX260 is $200..

    Grab an HD5870, booloo.
  5. +1^ If you can afford do as shadow187 said and buy a HD 5870. (same price as 2x gtx260)

    Your Price:$399.99
  6. The 58xx series is surely the better choice right now but is the energy / $$ saving thing is a red herring.

    Twin GTX 260's will consume about 173 watts versus 85 watts according to Antec's PSU calculator.

    If you have a job or a GF, that means that you prolly don't get to play more than 3 hours a weekday and 8 hours over the weekend....though individual's mileage will vary....let's say 20 hours a week average at peak load.

    20 hours x (173-85) x $0.10 per kw * 4.3 weeks a month / (1,000 watts per kw * 0.85 efficiency) = $0.89 per month
  7. You still consume less energy but gaining more.

    JackNaylorPE there is too much to write about your comment, just save energy..:) as most have the tendency to do that.
    (sorry for the off topic)
  8. I mention it because of the number of posts I read when the 4870x2 was competing within the much more efficient GTX 295 and all the posts that said power consumption wasn't an issue for them :)
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