Galaxy GF 9600GT Low Profile

im inheriting my dads computer he built and im looking for a good low profile graphics card thats under $130 USD that can play games like CoD4, CoD6 and Crysis at medium+ options

the mother board is GA-MA78GM-S2H and the specs are as follows:
2.00 GB RAM
ATI HD3200 256MB shared memory
AMD Antlon 64 x 2 3.00+ ghz

im still sort of new to the hardware world of computers as this is the first time im picking out anything to PUT into a computer instead of the whole thing....
what i do know is that my case is a slim one therefore, needing a low profile/half-height card
a friend of mine who is really into computers suggested the 9600GT (low profile of course) so tell me if hes right=] and if hes wrong, it would be appreciated if you could suggest something too!

Thanks =]
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  1. HD5670 if it's low-profile. HD5570 if not.
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    5670 doesnt come in low profile, The 5570 is slower than a 9600GT.

    Sparkle makes a low profile 9800GT. No other brands make one though (that i know of).. so im worried it might run a little hot on a low-profile card.

    Speed in COD: (this is taken from the 5570 article on the home page)

    Power use:

    What kind of power supply do you have? or if its a prebuilt--what brand/model is it? (i.e. dell PSUs are usually better than HP)

    If your PSU is on the low side I would go with the 5570 to be safe, if it seems decent the 9600/9800GT would be faster for gaming.
  3. its an ATI 780G
    hmmmm i think its a 300W.....
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  5. 300w is better than I was expecting-- you can probably handle a 9600GT just fine. The official requirements for a 9600GT are 350w--but that has a pretty decent safety margin built in.

    I would keep an eye on heat in your case-- many of these reviews say the low profile cards run hot. If you have too you could always add another fan or something.

    Assuming you get the rebate and don't need a vga port this is 9600GT is a decent deal:

    Or this 5570 which wouldnt have any heat issues if you decide to go that way:

    For overall comparison-- this hierarchy chart has your HD 3200 graphics on it.,2544-7.html
  6. wow thanks!
    the graphics card problem is resolved! a lot faster than i would think....

    Thanks deadlockedworld
  7. No problem. Thanks for the best.
  8. hey i just found something out....
    i was looking around some shops and i saw a low profile ASUS GT220 1GB!
    should i get this instead??
  9. Noooo! Its slower than any of the options above. 9600GT or 5570 are your best options.

  10. waiiiiit....
    i asked the dude at the shop, and he said the ENGT220 is like a newer 9600gt lowpro
  11. Are you in the US? Newgg has better prices than any shop.

    Hes wrong, the chart above is right. The GT 240 DDR3 is the new 9600GT (the ddr5 is faster)
  12. unfortunately,
    im not in the us.... and the most advanced card thats available in HK(apparently) is the gt220
    and its really cheap! $70 USD
  13. What online retailers do you have available?

    I'm sure you can find a 5570 somewhere. Its still better than the GT 220.
  14. I dont know if the low profile 9600Gt from Galaxy you are looking at is also the low power one but it probably is. I had one of the low profile, low power Galaxy 9600GT cards. It ran fine on a 300 watt power supply with no external power connector, but the card had several problems not related to power.
    First, the card is low profile but has an unusual shape with some sort of attachment at the end that made it very difficult to fit into my case, which is a mid tower. The end of the card actually touched one stick of ram or was extremely close to it anyway.
    Secondly, the card ran very hot (65degC idle, 95degC load) and developed a very noisy fan after only a couple of months of use. Maybe the noisy fan was related to the overheating, I dont know.
    Anyway, I am not knocking Galaxy or this card in particular: I may just have had bad luck and got a card that was not a good one. I am just letting you know my experience with the card. Other than these problems, the card gave good performance in most games at 1440 x 900 at medium to high settings.
  15. @ frozentundra123456, just curious, what model desktop do you have? I just ordered that 9600gt lp lp and was wondering if it will fit ok.
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