New build - Question on GPU and Sound Card.

Putting together a new System and having been using posts on this forum to aid in my research so a big thanks to everyone who posts on here.
Here is what I've selected so far:
Case: Cooler Master HAF 922
HD Seagate barracude 7200.12
PSU: Corsair 750W
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 4GB (PC3 12800)
MotherBoard: ASUS P755D-E Pro
CPU: i5-750
OS: Win7
My big questions is around the Video Card. I have an GeForce 8800 GT and Soundblaster X-FI Xtreme Gamer.
Could I place the 8800 in the system above and run current games on High settings? Doing so allows me to save $400 on the build. ( for the time being. Planning on upgrading the GPU at a later date)
As for the Sound Card, I noticed on a lot of the builds there are no sound cards mentioned. Is the on board sound that great these days that the Sound Card is no longer needed ? Is there a performance value in adding in a Sound Card? or could adding in an older Sound Card create a performance bottle neck ?
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  1. On the 8800 GT, you would have to specify what current games you are talking about. Say COD MW2, I would say yes for most part depending on your resolution. If you are talking Crysis, there is no way it can play it on high, unless the resolution is real low.

    Yes, today's onboard sound is very good and doesn't require an additional sound card. You have to look at your MOBO versus the Sound Card... example if your sound card is 5.1 and your MOBO is 7.1, than the MOBO will be better.
  2. Current games include: Empire Total War, Dirt 2 and GTA IV. Looking to play Bad Company 2 in the future.
  3. I would say the 8800 Gt will work okay on ETW but will struggle on the other games. You should be okay on med settings, again dependant on your resolution. If you plan on upgrading your GPU down the road, so I would just stick with the 8800 GT for now and purchase the new one down the road. The 8800 GT will get you but until you are ready to purchase a new card.
  4. Resolution is 1440x900

    Thanks for the quick replys tecmo.
  5. Again... at those resolutions the 8800 GT will perform okay.

    Anything over a ATI 4890 or GTX 260 Core 216 is in some sense overkill, as those cards will max games out at your resolution.
  6. Would the ATI 5770 be sufficent in this system ?
  7. The 5770 would work very well at your resolution unless you're planning a monitor upgrade in the near future.
  8. Then you could always XFire 5770's.

    Or you could hold off for a few weeks by then the 5830 will be out and it looks like it will be a 4890 with DX11.
  9. No plans to upgrade the Monitor to a larger size then I currently have which is a 19" widescreen. My purchase a newer monitor, but probally not bigger.
  10. The size of the monitor does not really matter it is the resolution of the monitor that matters.
  11. sorry made a bad assumption that most 19 wides carried the same resolution. That being said, there is no imediate plans to upgrade the monitor any time soon.

    But for future information, is there an easy way to determine the max. resoultion your system will support? I'm assuming that it's not based purely on the GPU.

    Thansk for the quick replys. Cheers!
  12. For gaming, the max resolution is based solely on the GPU.

    EDIT: Probably don't need the qualifier "gaming" there. Resolution depends on the power of your GPU (or integrated graphics, whatever).

    The THG Best Cards for the Money article (updated monthly-ish) lists what resolution each GPU will perform atl. I recommend taking a look at whatever the current article is if you decide to upgrade.
  13. Awesome. Thanks everyone.
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