Integrated CPU Graphics/Separate GPU?

So basically I've been trying to build a cheap PC for around 500-550, and have found some great deals, but there are some concerns upfront that I have to deal with.

The first and foremost problem would be the integrated graphics on a CPU issue. Intel's i3-530 looks promising, however I intend on running a separate GPU (9800 GT), and was wondering if they would conflict with one another.

Now, if the integrated graphics won't cause problems with a separate GPU, the final question would be about CPU compatibility and motherboards. Would an intel i3-530 run in an Asus P7P55D? The mobo is the correct socket type, however the website I am purchasing it from lists the motherboard as only supporting i5-i7 CPUs.

Just making absolutely sure that this PC will work before throwing down 550 on it (Birthday present for someone who desperately needs it).
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  1. Well, the i3 530's integrated graphics shouldn't conflict with the GeForce 9800GT. The Core i3 530 is compatible with the ASUS P7P55D, although you may need a BIOS flash. I suggest that you get the P7P55D-E LX if you don't want to SLI but the P7P55D-E Pro if you do.
  2. Thanks a ton for the quick response.

    Have no intentions on running SLI. Don't know what type of P7P55D it is, just know that it's on sale and I have a few friends who use that particular mobo and love it.

    How difficult would it be to flash the BIOS? I have never done it (Sorry, semi-computer illiterate when it comes to anything done prior to Windows starting and putting it together) and want to be prepared to put it together hopefully by the mid of May.
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