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I am going to be putting together a gaming rig soon, with a budget of about $1800. I was considering getting a 128GB SSD for a boot drive and then 1TB HDD for storage, because that is what is normally recommended, but then again, I am ONLY using this rig for gaming. All my music, pics, everything else that needs a computer is going to be done on my laptop, it just sucks with gaming (hence the rig). With this in mind, I figured instead I should get just a single SSD (about 120-250GBs) to store the OS, games, updates, extra junk that goes with any of those because I've been told SSDs are way faster. But I have also been told that SSDs are less reliable. My friend told me I should put any hard drives into RAID0 but I don't know really ANYTHING about RAID, so I was wondering if I could get some advice on that too. Again, these drives will ONLY be storing games, OS, and any updates/extras that go with either of those.

Thank you in advance! All advice will be helpful!
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  1. SSD's have no moving parts and are extremely reliable, also since your PC is strictly for gaming then you won't have to worry about losing valuable data. Most games today store your profile online or with a cloud so you wont lose your profiles.
    Raid 0 has more problems than any SSD will have and is the least reliable storage configuration. I highly suggest getting a minimum 128g SSD and 500+mbps SATAIII, you will understand what the hype is about after using it for a day!
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    Intel 520 Series Cherryville SSDSC2CW240A3K5 2.5" 240GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

    I would suggest this SSD if you are going with only one drive , it is big enough for your OS and some games although it is limited to the 240gb so you can't put an unlimited number of games but you can put quite a few. I wouldn't bother with a raid setup , if one drive fails you loose the array and recovery is very diffacult.
    The Intel SSD that is linked is very reliable and fast , you will not be dissapointed.
  3. What would be the recommended amount of space for my needs? There is a SMALL possibility I might save SOME music mp3 files on it as well. But no major apps other than the games and drivers and such.
  4. I would use a 240gb SSD.
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