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I have a Sony Vaio VPC-F1190X Laptop. I am trying to replace the HDD with a SDD. I found the spec manual for the computer online and it simply states SATA.
I live chatted their customer service and they simply kept repeating that the HDD shipped is Sata 1. Does anyone know for sure, or a way to find out? thanks!
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  1. I'm guessing they mean it's the SATA 3Gbps from what I can find online, so any SSD you put in will be fine. Be aware that SSD's can also come in 6Gbps SATA, so your chipset in the laptop will limit it to 3Gbps. It will still be a rocking improvement.
  2. Current SSDs run right around the limit of SATA II, I believe, with a few a little faster and most slower, so you'll see just about all of the benefits.
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    Your SATA controller is SATA II.

    Just make sure you have the correct height for your SSD. I am not sure if your laptop use 7mm or 9.5mm HDD.
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