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Internet Explorer

Seems that cookies are not saved.
Always seems slow in loading.
Facebook will freeze on the third photo when browsing.
Passwords not saved.

In DOS, C:\documents and settings\<username>\local settings\temporary internet files
is either missing, corrupted or hidden (but yet, it is still there when you do a "dir /a" )

Problem is isolated to Internet Explorer.
The IE5 folder is either missing or corrupted.

Open IE, "tools", "internet options", under "browser headings" .. click "settings" , "move folder" .. and move it "back to" c:\doc\user\local settings\temporary internet files" in other words, where it should be, and probably still is. The "pointer" or acl was corrupted somehow. Thanks to IE for not having a "fix me" (actually,thats not true, there probably is one).... the problem is related all the way back to IE 5... and the fix is good even in Windows 7 o/s for IE 9 !
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  1. Solution, install mozilla firefox.
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