Overclocking i7 3770K manually AND OCGenie + Turbo Boost?

Hey guys,

I've done some OCing before but that was with an AMD CPU, could you guys tell m if using Turbo boost AND OC genie would help to get a solid base for my own tweaks?

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  1. To be honest, most of us overclocking Sandy and Ivy bridge CPU's turn off Turbo Boost and wouldn't touch OC genie with a stick.

    Best way to start overclocking is to turn all the power saving crap off, find the starting voltage (I think with the 3770k 1.125v is a good place to start at from stock) and use fixed voltage. Just start stepping the multiplier and tweaking the voltage from there. I hear you shouldn't go over 1.3v on those chips but I'm not 100% sure on them.

    Either way, you should learn about overclocking the 3770k, 3770k voltages, voltage offsets, Load Line Calibration, Vdroop, etc, etc...

    This way you know what you're doing. Basic overclocks can usually make it to 4.4Ghz or so without issue. But once you start really getting into the clocks and tweaking out all the power saving and running without HT just to shave a degree off... all the other settings come into serious play.
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